Sunday, November 15, 2009

Emma's 1st Birthday

Yesterday we had Emma's 1st Birthday party. It was quite a bit of fun. Andrea did a good job planning the gig, it even had a theme. She thought it was fitting that the theme be Flip Flops since they are one of Emma's favorite things to play with. We had two cakes from "Cake Lady", some chic in Lodi that makes cake. Everyone thinks the cake is fantastic, I think it's just OK. Emma had her own small cake to go crazy with, and she did just that. It was pretty fun to watch. She didn't know what to do at first, but after a bit of help, Emma destroyed that thing.

I can't believe the first year is done. It went so fast. It seems as though you are always looking forward to the next milestone... sitting up, crawling, walking, talking etc. that you don't realize how fast its going.

Anyway, here are some pic's of her birthday party and a few other random pic's thrown in.

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