Saturday, February 20, 2010

Starting off the New Year...

Here are a few pic's from January and February. It has been a low key start to 2010 with a few exceptions. Emma had her first (and we hope only) ride in the Ambulance to the hospital. After 5 hours of observation the end result was a diagnosis of RSV.
Emma is a huge fan of the park and we try to go often. We love watching her run around and climb all over the place. She also loves when mom reads her books and has started to flip thru them herself.
The weather is starting to turn here in Las Vegas so I am sure we will be posting more outdoor pic's on the next post. With a bit of luck, maybe even a family trip to Spring Training in Arizona as well as a trip to San Diego.

Grandma Glenda made a short visit in February.
Emma enjoying quiet time reading her book in the corner.

At 15 months, Emma discovered a new chew toy for teething.

This is a toy she got for Christmas and she loves it.

Chilling at the park, playing with a leaf.
Crawling all over the place at the park.
Having a good time on the slide.

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