Sunday, February 8, 2009

Random Pic's of Emma

It's been a few weeks so I figured I should get a new post up so here it is. Obviously, as a guy putting this blog together, it's short on fluff (except for what Linda teaches me) but has plenty of pic's. The following are a few of my favorites. A few "Firsts" included Emma's first cold, first ear infection and first shots... All of which sucked for all involved!

We were playing around one afternoon and got this shot. I like it because her head looks HUGE!

One thing Emma never does is smile for the camera. Any pic we get with a smile on her face is a miracle!

Tummy Time on the surfboard...

I swear when Andrea took this pic, Emma was thinking "What the F&@#"

One of the rare pic's with the two of us not A. Sleeping B. Crying C.

Both of us Sleeping or D. Both of us crying!

When we first put this hat on her, I wasnt thrilled with it. Now I like it so much that it is the background on my cell phone.

For those of you that watched the Presidential Inaguration, this pic reminds me of Aretha Franklin's Hat! Not a huge fan...

Andrea finds it amusing to take pic's of me passed out holding Emma. This is one of about six or seven. What can I say, she wears me out!

We still can't get Emms to sleep in her crib. Soon she will out grow this thing and we will have no choice.

Cool Pic of Emma and Momma.

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  1. Good job John on the update! That pic of Emma with the white bow on cracks me up. Her facial expression is priceless. I can't believe how much her hair has grown! Glad you guys are doing well. Your recliner is almost the exact same as ours, only now I'm the one passed out and Elle is wide awake when it is supposed to be bed time. Andrea is doing a great job dressing her, each outfit is sooo cute!