Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Emma's last few months

Sorry for the lag in posting the latest blog. Who knew that time would get away from you while raising a little kid…

Emma had her first trip to the Fashion Show Mall thanks to Stephanie and Ryan Pulliam. It was good to get out of the house for a few hours.

The last 6 weeks are best described as the “Grandma Parade.” Andrea went back to work February 23rd so we asked both grandma’s as well as Emma’s Great Grandma (my grandma) to come into town.

It started with Andrea’s mom, Jill. She was fantastic. Dishes were done, dinner was cooked, and laundry was done. She even made Andrea’s lunch for her. Oh, and she took care of Emma too. Her two fantastic contributions were 1. Getting Emma to eat from a bottle (sometimes) and 2. Changing how Emma would fall asleep when being held. The later threw me for a total loop, but I caught on quick.

Next up was my grandma. She was scared to death that she was going to do something wrong. She was fantastic!

The day after my grandma left, my dad came into town for the weekend. It was great to see him spend time with Emma. While grandpa was in town, Emma got her first true Vegas experience… a buffet! We went to the new M Resort and had dinner. I am not a buffet guy at all but it was actually pretty tasty.

The same day my dad left, my mom flew in from Nor Cal. She was here for a week. She too was fantastic. She took Andrea to see Cher (I respectfully declined) and I guess it was a good show. (yeah right) I took care of Emma that night without incident.

My mom left on a Sunday morning and Andrea’s mom and dad arrived that afternoon. Emma experienced her first and second birthday parties. First it was her cousin DJ’s first birthday then it was her cousin Megan’s 3rd birthday. We spent some time at the park and had a good time.

Andrea has spring break from the 6th to the 10th and after that, Emma will be attending Green Valley Christian School’s day care program. Hopefully they can teach her a few things like: 1. eating out of a bottle ALL the time 2. sleeping in her crib, not daddy’s side of the bed 3. Did I mention the bottle thing…?

Anyway, here are a few pic’s.

Talk to you in a few months.
Grandma Jill, Andrea's mom.

This is how Emma eats when not taking the bottle.

Great Grandma Marie
Great Grandma found a way to Emma's heart!!!
For Valentines Day, Emma and I worked on a project for mom. This was the pic.
Emma got all dressed up for the arrival of Grandma.
This is the new sleeping position I spoke of.
Did I mention the St. Patricks Day outfit? The M of course, is for eMMa. We call her peanut.
My dad staying the weekend was the first time in 14 years that he and I actually spent a weekend together. We have a fantastic relationship, just hadn't spent a weekend together.
Grandma Glenda, my mom.
Papa Jim and Grandma Jill, Andrea's parents.
This is Emma checking out the new recliner chair that Grandma Glenda bought us.
Mom and Emma.
This is Megan and Emma. Auntie Renee and Uncle Matt brought Emma a gift too. Not sure what you call it, but she likes it.

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