Monday, May 11, 2009

Catching Up...

Tommorrow it will be 6 months since Emma was born. It is crazy how fast that went! Since the last post, Emma has started daycare at Green Valley Christian Center and has done fantastic. She has learned to put herself to sleep in the crib, eat from the bottle and can even hold it on her own. Highlights of her days at school are the buggy rides and playing with the other babies. Andrea and I were both bummed that Emma would have to go to daycare, but I must admit, GVCC does a fantastic job and I am happy to see Emma progressing so well.

We have started to feed Emma some food, squash is her favorite. We have had Emma in the pool twice now (her feet count, right?). Andrea has been taking her for a run on the weekends. Emma enjoys the cool running stroller that grandma bought her.

Here are a few of the latest pic's.

Emma in her Easter Dress

Just got done with some cereal

She likes the squash

Her favorite way to watch Handy Manny

Mommy and Emma on Mothers Day

Daddy and Emma cooking Mothers Day Dinner. I am hoping Emma is the next Giada!

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