Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis the Season 2010

Emma celebrated her second birthday this month. November 12 was the big day. We had a small party with family and Emma was able to feast on some cake. Emma received some cool gifts that she plays with all the time. Two of her favorites are her "Mini-Kitchen" and her "Table". Emma eats, colors and watches tv from her new table. She also bakes cakes and does dishes from her kitchen. She also has tea parties with Elmo, Minnie Mouse, Tigger, and anyone else she can find (including dad) with the tea set she was given.

Not long after her birthday, we celebrated the Thanksgiving Holiday with over 2o family members at the house. Four generations of Andrea's side of the family were represented at the dinner table this year. At times it was a challenge, but overall it was a good time. We had a blast hosting Andrea's grandparents for the week.

We will be heading back to Lodi for the Christmas Holiday again this year. Hopefully everything will go well. It is always fun going back home for the week.

Merry Christmas. May God Bless you and your family. Here are some pic's of the fun...

Andrea and Emma checking out the Kitchen.
Emma excited for some new clothes.

The Curious George cake that Andrea made from scratch.

Grandma Jill reading to Emma and Megan.

Four generations of tree decorating.

Dad's first tea party.

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