Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where has time gone? It's been awhile!!!

YES, I am a slacker when it comes to blogging. It has been almost a year since my last post. It seems like every time I thought about updating the blog I got sidetracked and never followed thru. But at last, here is the latest update.

Emma has had a great 11 months. Andrea and I have had so much fun the past 11 months with her. Needless to say, she is constantly changing. Her vocabulary is off the charts. She talks SO much! I wish we had written down every funny thing she has said the past 11 months. It would bring you to tears!

Auntie Joy has been home schooling Emma since January and that is going better than we could have imagined. Joy is amazing with kids and she has had such a positive influence on Emma. We are blessed to have Joy helping us out.

Here are some pic's and comments from the past 11 months. I promise not to wait another year before the next post.

Emma was luck enough to hit up Disneyland 3 times this summer. Last weekend she went on the Matterhorn and loved it.
A few weeks ago, we drove up to Moapa to a place called Roo's and More. It is a cool petting zoo with exotic animals. Camel's, Kangaroo's, Snakes, Armadillo's and here with a Monkey.
This summer we went to San Diego and caught a Giants v Padres game. Emma is rocking a Giants hat! I Love it.
Emma has been taking many classes over the past year. One is Ballet. She loves it along with Toddler Ninja, Gymnastics, Story and Snack and a Math class. (Swim Lessons too)
While on our Summer vacation, we hit up the San Francisco Zoo. That place is amazing. We all had a great time.

We had a great family vacation to Santa Cruz, Pebble Beach, Carmel and then home to Lodi.

Another one this Summer

Aunt Monette took this pic while Andrea and Emma were in Nor Cal this summer.
Carrie Terrones took this amazing pic of Emma. It is me and Andrea's favorite.

Having a blast at an indoor play area in Henderson

Emma's first trip to the Snow near Kirkwood in Nor Cal.

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